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What Can TikTok Do for Retail Brands?

TikTok users around the world sing, dance, and lip-sync on this Chinese social media video-sharing platform, which is billed as giving everyone the chance of 15 seconds of fame. In two years, it has built up an audience of almost a half a billion users, and a +237% monthly growth rate between 2018-18.

Reportedly 66% of its users are under the age of 30, which is why western luxury brands are starting to explore TikTok as a marketing tool to target and expand their younger consumer base in 2020. They are starting to overcome their privacy and security concerns and are beginning to experiment with TikTok videos. Examples of retailers that have already tasted success with TikTok include: Burberry and Uniqlo.

Below are four reasons why TikTok is on retail marketers’ radar:

  1. Reach
  2. Creativity
  3. Localisation
  4. Low cost

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