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3 Tips for Brands Looking to Utilize TikTok for Marketing

In November 2019, data from app analytics provider Sensor Tower showed that short-form video app TikTok had surpassed 1.5 billion downloads.

TikTok’s current audience is dominated by younger users, and depending on a brand’s target market, this may either turn businesses on or off in creating accounts. However, most major social media apps were initially written off as passing fads, and are now embraced and utilized on a daily basis by large organizations.

Are you thinking about ways in which you can reach a larger audience and building more creative video content? If you are, then it could be the perfect time to jump onto the TikTok bandwagon.

Below are 3 tips for you to grow your TikTok following from day one:

  1. Be yourself, and have fun with the platform’s trends
  2. Punch up your videos
  3. Start a trial run of TikTok now to better understand the app

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