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TikTok and Gen Z: A Look at How Brands Are Successfully Reaching Young People

Every brand and agency is looking at TikTok wondering what it is, if it will last and whether they should be on it.

Since its re-launching, brands have started to take notice of this platform and begun using it for marketing purposes. With two-thirds of its users under the age of 30, companies have a unique opportunity to reach a new target audience of growing consumers. It’s young and fresh, but also very different from the types of content there are on social media thus far. Although its reach is highly concentrated on Gen Z, it could be on the forefront of changing social trends.

Chipotle is one of the best brands to exist on TikTok. Its use of TikTok thus far has been extremely effective in engaging its customers and promoting its holiday deals. Each campaign has resulted in more views and user engagement than the last, and the #GuacDance challenge specifically resulted in the Chipotle’s highest one-day digital sales and most successful National Avocado Day yet.

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