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8-Step Guide to Getting More TikTok Likes and Followers

TikTok has grown dramatically since it merged with It is now effectively two apps: TikTok in the Western World, and Douyin in China. While it began as a lip-synching app, people upload a wide range of videos types nowadays. TikTok was the most downloaded non-game app in the Apple app store globally in the first quarter of 2018, and it still performs well. It reached 500 million global monthly active users in mid-2018.

Of course, like all social apps, most people on TikTok aim to increase the number of interested followers they have. There are many ways you can increase your likes and following – legitimately without having to resort to buying fake followers.

Below is an 8-step guide to getting more TikTok likes and followers:

  1. Create the perfect profile
  2. Know who you wish to target
  3. Create interesting videos that stand out from the crowd
  4. Establish your style
  5. Come across as authentic
  6. Take on challenges
  7. Use your other social accounts to promote your TikTok videos
  8. Collaborate with others in your niche

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