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18 Creative Brands on TikTok to Take Inspiration From

Brands on TikTok are quickly finding their groove on the most talked about, most downloaded, and most addictive social media app.

As one of the most downloaded apps in over 40 countries, TikTok’s popularity is growing by the second, with brands looking to tap into new audiences around the world.

Learn from these 18 brands who are taking their TikTok game to the next level:

  1. Reach a new audience like the NFL
  2. Build a community like Fenty Beauty
  3. Go viral like Chipotle
  4. Add a face to your brand like the Washington Post
  5. Create dynamic captions like Netflix
  6. Offer high-value challenge rewards like Fortnite
  7. Produce satisfying content like Kaja Beauty
  8. Partner with influencers like Aerie
  9. Connect with animals like Marine Mammal Rescue
  10. Keep it fun like Star Face
  11. Balance quality and quantity like the NBA
  12. Leverage music and sound like High Snobiety
  13. Stay true to your brand like Gucci
  14. Appeal to target markets like Lush
  15. Produce a variety of content like ASOS
  16. Stay consistent like WWE
  17. Jump on trends like Saturday Night Live
  18. Know your audience like Teen Vogue

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