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Brands Using TikTok Influencers the Right Way

TikTok is reaching younger consumers, namely Gen Z-ers and younger Millennials. Brands that seek younger audiences know that they have to embrace the TikTok craze or risk a decline in market share.

Here are the top twenty inspiring ideas that could help your brand become successful using TikTok influencers:

  1. NBA – Beyond the Game
  2. Apple Music – Trendy Hashtags
  3. Chipotle – Challenges and More Challenges
  4. Guess – Challenges Plus Influencers
  5. Gymshark – Consistency and Variety
  6. Sabra Hummus – Holiday Products and Snack Ideas
  7. United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development – Social Awareness and Knowledge
  8. WWE – Highlight Reels
  9. Vineyard Vines – Brand Sentiment
  10. Sephora – A Little of Everything
  11. Netflix – Using Clips to Increase Web Traffic
  12. Crocs – Influencers
  13. Fenty Beauty – Just Flaunt It
  14. Fortnite – Gen Z Frenzies Unite
  15. The Washington Post – Inform and Delight
  16. Red Bull – Just Dance Across All TikTok Accounts
  17. The San Diego Zoo

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